PMP is located in León, the leading tanning centre not only for Mexico, but also for all of North America. Founded in January 1997, it immediately became part of the Split Group, adopting its quality standards and manufacturing protocols. Its proximity to the USA is very strategic for the company: the supply chain (mainly American) and supplies (for PMP the “core” lies in automotive) have competitive movement times, guaranteeing an important added value to PMP. Specialized in collecting wet blue splits, thanks to its Team’s experience, today it is able to offer a vast array of products from salted hides to wet white with a continuously evolving portfolio and ever growing market.

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Salted hides W/W hides W/B hides


PMP PROVEEDORA DE MATERIA PRIMA S.A. DE C.V MEXICO León PMP PROVEEDORA DE MATERIA PRIMA S.A. DE C.V Blvd. Juan José Torres Landa # 5116A Poniente. Colonia Arroyo Hondo. C.P. 37438 León Guanajuato, México

Phone: +52 477 7781319




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