Since over 30 years ago, Lamipel and the split product have been growing together, making the company the European leader in the trade of bovine splits. Lamipel is the company that made splits known in every company of the world, until the name of the company became a synonym on the product. The Tuscan branch trades bovine splits and hides for the upholstery, the footwear, the leather goods and the automotive all over the world. Experience, dynamism and specialization allowed Lamipel to be appreciated in the renewed Italian tanning reality, as well as on global level, its strength being due to the support of 2 strategic locations in Italy: Tuscany – Santa Maria a Monte (Pisa) and Veneto – Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza). Thanks to their experience and resources, Lamipel supports its customers to differentiate themselves within the market with exceptional products and customized programmes that increase the added value. Being an international player in the leather trade sector involves great responsibilities towards customers, besides towards one’s own collaborators and territory in general. Meticulous scrutiny allows the company to provide its customers with a detailed description of the product, from its origin and traceability to its best use in the tanning sector. Lamipel respects the environment adopting chemical-free, eco-friendly processes in its plants. The cooperation with associations for the environmental safeguard is a testimony to Lamipel’s efforts for the tutelage and the protection of the environment. In 2017, Lamipel – Montebello Vicentino- is audited against LWG Assesment Protocol for Traders.


Splits Portfolio
W/B whole drop splits W/B shoulders splits W/B belly splits W/B culatta splits W/B double butt splits W/B single butt splits W/B bottom splits Split crust Lime splits Lime splits by-products
Hides Portfolio
W/B hides Grain crust


LAMIPEL S.p.A. ITALY Tuscany Veneto LAMIPEL S.p.A. Site: Via Prov. Francesca Nord 72 56020 Santa Maria a Monte, Pisa, Italia Phone: +39 0587 704500 Fax: +39 0587 704511 Email: Local offices Montebello Vicentino 36054 Via della Tecnica, 1 Montebello Vicentino, (VI), Italy Phone: +39 0444 478355 Fax: +39 0444 478364 Chiampo 36072 Via Lago di Alleghe, 8 Chiampo (VI) Italy Phone: +39 0444 1510820 Fax: +39 0444 1510819 Arzignano 36071 Via Seconda Strada, 53 Arzignano (VI) Italy Phone: +39 0444 1510158 Fax: +39 0444 1510159



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