Internacional de Cueros y Pieles S.A. (IN.CU.PI.SA.), based in Valencia, is a primary company on Spanish soil for the import and export of splits and hides. With a warehouse of 3.000 m2, it buys its products all over the world and sells them mainly in Spain. The main destinations for its products are the footwear (80%) and the leather goods and belts sectors (20%). Founded in 1977 by José Garcia Sanchez, today it is run by his sons José Miguel and Joaquin Garcia. Their consolidated reliability earned over the years makes IN.CU.PI.SA an excellent partner for many Iberian tanning companies.

W/B whole drop splits
W/B shoulders splits
W/B belly splits
W/B double butt splits

Raw hides
W/B hides
Grain crust


IN.CU.PI.SA. SPAIN Valencia IN.CU.PI.SA. Calle Ciudad de Onda, Parcela 122/B 46988 Fuente del Jarro, Paterna, Valencia, Spain Phone: +34 96 1324551 / 1324569 Fax: +34 96 1324597 Email:


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