Our Story

A dynamic and international structure – able to best support the business of the companies that are part of it – is needed in order to face a market that is continuously developing and is increasingly globalized. The “International Split Group” project was born from this idea in 1997 for the will of its founder, Gianluca Lami. The project is made up by a group of companies active in the trade of splits and hides, brought together under one roof to create synergies and to face together the challenges of the global market. The “Split” is not only the flagship product, but also a name and a significant identifying element of the Group. The “cow” is the icon of the Group, known for years all around the world as a symbol of the Italian company Lamipel. This latter is not only the first company of the Group in terms of performances and market relevance, but also the first one to sustain and believe in the Split project. In addition to Lamipel, many others joined the Group, such as the Portuguese Lamifil, the Spanish IN.CU.PI.SA, Surpiel in Argentina, Alderi in Turkey, PMP in Mexico. Since the year 2000, Srinala, Split do Brasil and the Chinese Dawnson took part and, last but not least, the Panamanian GLG joined the group. In 2003, the International Leather Split Group became a consortium, bringing together all the Group’s societies. Since 2003, the Italian headquarters, located in the tanning district of Santa Croce sull’Arno, is supported by a Split representative office in China, located in Wenzhou, which coordinates the Group’s activity throughout the Asian continent. The Split Group is not only made by companies, but above all by professionals that work together every day within a network made by shared customers and suppliers. Over the years the Group has increasingly structured its activity, currently grouping 11 international industrial realities that monthly deliver more than 1 million splits and around 250.000 hides all over the world. In 2017 three companies of the Split Group, Split do Brasil, Lamipel and Surpiel got auditit aganist LWG standards, thus becoming LWG approved traders.